Auditory-centered Vocal Feedback System Using Solmization for Training Absolute Pitch without GUI

Nozomu Yoshida (University of Tsukuba) , Kosaku Namikawa (University of Tsukuba) , Yusuke Koroyasu (University of Tsukuba) , Yoshiki Nagatani (Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.) , Yoichi Ochiai (University of Tsukuba)

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Type: Long paper

Session: Interaction modalities and techniques - 1

Presentation: 2021-09-01 @ 10:2510:45 UTC (+02:00)

Proceedings session: Interaction modalities and techniques

Abstract: This study proposes an auditory-centered training system using solmization to artificially acquire and train absolute pitch by providing vocal feedback of musical notes through a musician's voice. Most current training systems and applications for absolute pitch acquisition have focused on providing visual feedback. However,many people having perfect pitch describe that they hear music as words rather than envisioning visual notes. Therefore,we propose a training system that does not require a graphical user interface. In an experiment with 10 participants,our system’s training with vocal feedback improved six non-potential absolute pitch users’ absolute pitch by approximately 25%,although extant system with visual feedback didn't make an improvement.